Dairy Products

Dairy Products


Gelatin can be used for different types of yogurt, the most prominent role is as a stabilizer. Gelatin allows the Milk to achieve a similar high cream content of yogurt's tissue state, improve consumer acceptance. In yogurt products, gelatin molecular function is to form a weak gel network structure, to prevent whey seepage and separation. High strength gelatin stability and high melting point, so that it can be used alone in yogurt products.

2. Acidic cream

Acidic cream includes both full-fat diets and skim products. Depending on the fat content and the desired structural state of the yogurt, gelatin and other stabilizers such as plant gum or modified starches are commonly used to achieve a good appearance, smooth palatability and good texture.

3. Soft cheese

Gelatin can be used in milk cream cheese, cheese and cheese cheese in the process of making a stable combination of water to control the whey precipitation. Gelatin melting point close to the human body temperature, which makes the final product has a smooth and delicate taste, satisfactory flavor and sensory properties.

4. Fill the milk

In recent years, more sweet and more welcome, this is a ready-to-eat sweets. The combination of gelatin with other stabilizers allows the product to be typically elastomeric, and can prevent milk from precipitating and prolong product shelf life.

In the case of jelly and other inflatable confectionery products, the use of gelatin can achieve good foaming and highly stable dispersion of air bubbles, so that the appearance of the product has a typical whipping tissue state.

5. Frozen confectionery - ice cream

Gelatin is a frozen dessert industry, especially the traditional stabilizer in the production of ice cream. Ice cream is a multiphase system that contains liquids, gases and solids. The air bubbles in the foodstuff are dispersed in a continuous liquid phase containing ice crystals, milk protein, solid fat globules, milk crystals and soluble salts, making it stable Decentralized system. Gelatin can stabilize the frozen confectionery products against the deterioration of the free water caused by the product deterioration. When the ice cream is melted and then frozen, the gelatin reduces the water to form the strength of ice crystals, to prevent the formation of ice cream containing ice ballast rough tissue state.

6. low-fat cream

Gelatin as emulsifying stabilizer and tissue forming agent is widely used in low-fat cream and wheat and other products. The gelatinized product has a sensory character similar to that of cream. The stabilizing effect of gelatin inhibits the destruction of emulsification during storage and application.

The melting characteristics and gelatinous properties of gelatin in the mouth ensure that the low fat product has a similar sensory and tissue condition as the corresponding high fat product. Gelatin in its use, its use is very low, and is cheaper ingredients. At the same time it is easy to use hydrophilic colloid, dairy processing is easy to disperse and hydration. Gelatin can be used in combination with other hydrophilic colloids (such as agar, starch) in the case of the use of gelatin alone to achieve the desired product state and process conditions, making it more widely and more desirable in milk products.