Application of gelatin in confectionery

Gelatin can be used alone or in combination with other colloids. It is widely used in the production of gel candy, candy, cotton candy and other products. The characteristics and uses of gelatin are very diverse, mainly in the production of candy gel and thermoreversible. As a protein, thermoreversibility is a unique property of gelatin, which allows the sugar to cool, gel, heat and dissolve.

Gel: gel candy, gum, QQ sugar

Thickener: filled candy

Inflatable: Inflatable candy, cotton candy

Stabilizer: toffee, toffee, nougat

Gel candy

Gelatin Gels can be defined as gels formed by the addition of gelatin to highly concentrated sugars or syrups. The main ingredients are sucrose, glucose syrup, invert sugar or other sugars such as glucose, gelatin, acid, spices and pigments.

Cotton Candy

Marshmallow is a mixture of carbohydrates obtained by inflatable gel products, the main ingredients are corn syrup, sugar, gelatin glue and water. Cotton candy Rongguo pouring in the mold in the static molding or extrusion molding, you need to add 3-5% of the high-frozen gelatin.


Candy is a relatively loose semi-soft candy. Sugar body section with tiny pores, with toughness and elasticity, resistance to chewing, soft and delicate taste. Candy to contain a large number of milk named, the main feature of this type of sugar is a unique fragrance of milk, also known as Jiao Xiang candy. Candy shape mostly cylindrical, but also rectangular and square. Mostly white or yellowish color. The average water content of toffee is 5-8% and the content of reducing sugar is 14-25%. The main role of gelatin in milk sugar is foaming, emulsifying, improving chewiness and inhibiting the crystallization of sucrose.