Introduction to Collagen

Collagen (Collagen) is a kind of biological macromolecule material, play the role of binding tissue in animal cells, is the most abundant protein in the human body, accounting for more than 30% of total body protein. Collagen is one of the most critical raw materials in the biotechnology industry, and it is also the best biomedical material with a huge demand. Its application areas include biomedical materials, cosmetics, food industry, research purposes.

Collagen source

Collagen is widely found in animal skin and bone, such as cattle tendons, trotters, pigskin, chicken wings, chicken skin, skin and cartilage. Eat more of these foods can be added to some extent, collagen, but these common foods are collagen protein macromolecules, and can not be directly absorbed by the body, and most of these foods are high in fat.

The nutritional value of collagen

Collagen rich in the human body needs glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and other amino acids. Collagen is the most important component of the extracellular matrix.

Collagen function and effect

1, can prevent cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that collagen can reduce blood triglycerides and cholesterol, and can increase the body of some of the lack of essential trace elements, so that it is maintained in a relatively normal range, is an ideal food to reduce blood lipids. In addition, collagen in the body to help discharge aluminum, aluminum in the body to reduce the accumulation is also unique. Aluminum harmful to the human body, studies have shown that a growing number of Alzheimer's and aluminum intake, while collagen has accelerated hemoglobin and erythropoietin effect, it has improved circulation, coronary heart disease, ischemic encephalopathy beneficial.

2, can be used as a calcium food. Collagen is characterized by amino acid hydroxyproline is the transport of calcium in the bone to the bone cells of the delivery vehicle, bone cells in collagen is hydroxyapatite binder, and hydroxyapatite together constitute the main bone. Therefore, as long as sufficient intake of collagen, can guarantee the normal body's calcium intake, collagen can be made into calcium health food.

3, can be used for special populations. The root cause of gynecological diseases from the endocrine disorders, collagen can improve the gynecological diseases, and menopausal women need collagen to provide the body needs, making menopausal women can more easily face all kinds of discomfort.

4, collagen contains large amounts of glycine, not only in the human body involved in the synthesis of collagen, but also in the brain cells is a central neurotransmitter inhibitory neurotransmitters to produce central nervous sedation, anxiety, neurasthenia and other good The role of collagen protein in the stomach can inhibit the protein due to gastric acid-induced coagulation, which is conducive to food digestion, as well as inhibition of gastric acid and gastrin secretion of the original role, can reduce pain in patients with gastric ulcer and promote gastric ulcer heal.

5, collagen is the body's immune function is responsible for the important function of the amoeba cell cleaning foreign body sensor, so the prevention of disease helpful. Can improve immune function, inhibit cancer cells, activation of cell function, activation of bones and muscles, the treatment of arthritis and pain.

6, to prevent skin aging, to wrinkles. As the age increases, collagen will gradually loss, leading to support the skin collagen peptide bond and elastic network fracture, the spiral network structure was destroyed, the skin tissue is oxidized, atrophy, collapse, the skin will appear dry, Wrinkles, loose inelastic and other aging phenomenon, so, women add collagen is a delay must be.

Collagen application of the symptoms

1, due to work fatigue, lack of sleep formed dull skin dull, yellow, poor skin elasticity and other adverse skin aging symptoms.

2, due to age, solar radiation factors caused by skin relaxation, sagging, wrinkles, dry skin aging phenomenon.

3, due to abnormal secretion of melanin strong body, a large number of deposition of the skin surface, the skin can not metabolize abnormal melanin in time to form a variety of stains.

4, due to long-term outdoor activities and skin care improper skin damage, premature appearance of fine lines, dry skin, peeling, redness, large pores and other adverse symptoms.

5, due to endocrine disorders, skin skin is poor, the skin hair oil, dark, easy to long left acne color printing, pigmentation and so on.

6, due to irregular life, smoking and other factors, resulting in dark circles, bags under the eyes and other issues.

7. Long-term computer work, computer radiation caused by hair loss, endocrine disorders.

8, due to the selection of low-quality cosmetics or hormones and other products caused by easy skin allergies, black-intensive, large-scale skin death.

Precautions for Taking Collagen

1, macromolecules collagen into the human body need to degrade into small peptides, amino acids can be absorbed by the body, the real effective absorption of the composition is not much.

2, these foods most of the high fat content, not suitable for regular consumption. High-calorie, high-fat, especially fried foods are prone to free radicals, accelerated aging. If you can eat less of this type of food, it means that the body is reduced by the chance of free radical damage and skin spots, wrinkles and other risks.

3, pregnant women can not take collagen products, because collagen is 19 kinds of amino acids, of which there are several can not be absorbed by the fetus, easily lead to premature development and maturation of the second feature is not conducive to the growth of babies after birth And development.

4, from pig, cow extracted collagen can nourish the skin to maintain elasticity is not rough, but contains a lot of fat, oral administration of these types of collagen is easy to gain weight. Therefore, it is recommended to take fish collagen, it does not contain fat, will not cause the body fat.

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