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2016GATE the 4th China International

Gelatin show by the Han Mu Exhibition Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will host a number of units at home and abroad to support, and will invite the authority of the industry to participate. During the exhibition, will be invited to have pharmaceuticals, health products, food, capsules, cosmetics industry leaders, industry authorities come to visit the guidance and attendance.

● large procurement team - the event will be invited from China, the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Africa, the Middle East, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, Products, food, capsule products such as gelatin application buyers to visit the exchange.

● rich high-end forum - the exhibition will invite Chinese and foreign pharmaceutical, health care products, food, capsules, cosmetics, gelatin processing technology equipment industry experts to discuss the latest developments in gelatin processing technology, development trends, division of labor, related countermeasures and other popular issue. On the development of China's gelatin and processing technology and equipment industry and the problems faced by the in-depth discussion, and product development, technological innovation and other meticulous speech. At the appointed time, we will arrange for lectures and exchanges in the fields of pharmaceuticals, health care products, foodstuffs, capsules, gelatin processing technology and equipment, and the influential enterprises to introduce the products and the latest technological trends. It is hoped that the senior officials of the Chinese government, relevant experts, scholars, representatives of the famous international institutions, well-known product suppliers, buyers of its professional audience to attend, the industry's guidance and authority is expected, is the development of gelatin and international exchanges and cooperation , Will be access to pharmaceuticals, health products, food, cosmetics, capsules, gelatin business information and grasp the best platform for international markets.

◆ Exhibitor range:

1, gelatin products: edible gelatin, medicinal gelatin, industrial gelatin (hot gel powder, protein gelatin, feed gelatin, bone glue, gel glue, gelatin flocculant, gelatin fungicide, gelatin clarifier, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose) Wait;

2, the production of complete sets of equipment: pretreatment equipment, extraction equipment, purification / sterilization / filtration equipment, grinding - screening - ingredients equipment, sewage treatment equipment, drying equipment, enrichment equipment,

3, other: anti-corrosion technology, testing equipment, packaging, trade, media, related publications and network services;

◆ Reason for participation:

It is true that Shanghai is a vibrant city full of business opportunities. The business environment is already mature and attracts a lot

Pharmaceuticals, health care products, food, capsules, cosmetics and other professional companies in this expansion of their business.

● Shanghai gelatin and processing technology equipment exhibition for your vision to become the largest business platform:

● The first attempt in the Yangtze River Delta region to explore new fast-growing potential markets

● Build new quality-based customers

● Introducing new business partners in the Yangtze River Delta

● Get new contacts and up-to-date information

● Find new professional users / sales agents / distributors / distributors / traders

● focus on the rest of the world, in this exhibition can be strategic to help you build a strong industrial ties, strengthen and expand from

Has the marketing department. Show gelatin and production chain - innovative technology in manufacturing, processing technology equipment, filling, packaging and distribution.

◆ exhibitors tips:

1. Request a list of exhibitors to fill in the "Application Form and Contract" form and stamped to the Organizing Committee.

2. Booth order distribution principle: "first application, first arrangement".

3. In order to ensure the overall image of the General Assembly, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to adjust the final booth of some exhibitors.