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The Main Features of Gelatin

Gelatin has many excellent features:

1) gelatinity; 2) water holding capacity; 3) film forming property; 4) emulsifying property and foaming property.

Gelatinity: the most important functional properties of gelatin, it refers to the gelatin molecules under certain conditions by the irregular curl state gradually restored into an ordered three-helix structure, this process is divided into three stages: first, when the temperature dropped to the freezing point (35 ℃) or less, the gelatin solution in the random curl of the polypeptide chain compound rotation into the left hand spiral, adjacent to the left hand spiral segment between the role of hydrogen bonding cross-linked to re-form the core area of collagen-like spirochetes, this process For the "refolding"; second, the type of collagen spirocene polymerization to form microgels; Third, the aggregates to further form a certain rigid network gel. The gelatinity of gelatin is influenced by various factors such as amino acid composition, average molecular weight and molecular weight distribution, gel concentration and pH, gel temperature and freezing time. The The gelatinity of gelatin is usually measured by gel strength, gelation temperature and melting temperature.