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How to Purchase Qualified Edible Gelatin

Gelatin application is very wide, due to raw materials, equipment, food, gelatin and industrial gelatin difference is greater, the market quite a mixed bag. Some unscrupulous businesses to reduce costs and seek profits, the use of industrial gelatin posing as edible gelatin for food, pharmaceutical production.

In the gelatin safety incident, we see there are also illegal gelatin manufacturers will be industrial gelatin posing as edible gelatin sale, here, the new company on how to purchase qualified gelatin say a few suggestions:

1. Edible gelatin manufacturers should complete the documents (business license, production license, food hygiene license), the authenticity of the documents can be found in the red shield network, QS query network. Receipt to check whether the gelatin packaging and the documents provided by the same.

2. Each shipment should be shipped with a factory inspection report.

3. The test report of the national testing department (the provincial branch of the State Food and Drug Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute) should be provided.

4. Regularly in the sent edible gelatin in the inspection test, or sent to the local government testing department is qualified. Note: national consumption of gelatin implementation of standards: GB6783-94.