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Use of Bone Glue

When using bone glue, first with the volume of equal or slightly more water (general glue and water ratio of 1 to 1.2-3) will glue soak for 10 hours or so, so that the block becomes soft, and then heated to about 75 degrees, making it a glue Liquid can be used. The proportion of glue and water should be based on the required viscosity, such as water and low viscosity and thin Add less water and high viscosity. Hot plastic rubber temperature should not be too high, the time should not be too long, otherwise it will be due to molecular degradation caused by the viscosity of the frozen force down until the deterioration. Bone glue in the use of trace precipitation, so to use the side with water to make the necessary mixing to adjust the viscosity and mobility. Hot glue must be used when the bath heat method, must not be used to store the plastic container directly heating. Bone glue to be maintained at a certain temperature conditions can be used, so: when the need to add water, the added water and colloid temperature should be basically the same, can not join the cold water. Because the glue (gelatin) to maintain a certain temperature (75 degrees ± 10 degrees), adding cold water after the sudden drop in the temperature of the glue will appear, and affect the bonding effect. The use of bone glue (gelatin) when the glue speed to be fast, uniform, do not dip a lot of glue caused by excessive glue layer, infiltration, sticky, leakage gum and other issues.