Applications of Gelatin
Medicinal gelatin is choosen of fresh, healthy, rigorous quarantine
Gelatine is a hydrolyzate of collagen
Industrial gelatin is a protein that is partially hydrolyzed from the connective or epidermal tissue of an animal
About Us
Xiamen Tiptop Addictive Biotech Co.,Ltd.——China Gelatin Association recommended company
XIAMEN TIPTOP ADDICTIVE BIOTECH CO., LTD. located in beautiful Xiamen City, Fujian Province, is R&D/production/sales integrated in one, with more than 20 years of experience in production and marketing. We produce and sell various industrial gelatin,edible gelatin and pharmaceutical gelatin which have been widely used in meat products, confectionery, dairy products and medical hard capsules/soft capsules,etc.
Apart from this,we are also one of the suppliers recommended by China Gelatin Association and nominated by many domestic well-known food and pharmaceuticals manufacturers as one of their gelatin suppliers as well.
Use of Gelatin
Company News

Civilized Integrity of Enterprises

Xiamen Tiptop Addictive Biotech won the 2015 Fujian Province, "Civilized Integrity of Enterprises"

Industry dynamics

2016GATE the 4th China International

Gelatin Asia Exhibition in accordance with the "professional, international, brand" of the gelatin industry event. Gelatin Show by Han Mu Exhibition Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will host a number of units at home and abroad.

Professional information

Use of Bone Glue

When using bone glue, first with the volume of equal or slightly more water (general glue and water ratio of 1 to 1.2-3) will glue soak for 10 hours or so, so that the block becomes soft, and then heated to about 75 degrees, making it a glue Liquid can be used.